Marine Detailing and Ceramic Coating

Why ceramics for boats?
Ceramic coating your boat will protect it from every splash of sea water, sharpness of the sun, and other contaminants that make contact with your vessel and decrease its luster and integrity. Ceramic coating will give you peace of mind about your vessel holding its beauty and value for years to come. OBX Buds & Suds is a certified installer of IGL's Marine Ceramic Coating, one of the best marine ceramics out there. 

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Boat Detailing


All interior and exterior surfaces are cleaned to include hatches, boxes, and vinyl. All smooth gel surfaces are waxed and sealed.

Have oxidation? 
Light oxidation- 35/ft
Heavy oxidation- contact for a quote

Ceramic Coating

Basic clean+coating: $65/ft
Full detail+coating: $85/ft

Two layers of coating applied to all surfaces, including smooth gel painted surfaces, bright work, vinyl surfaces, floors and
non-skid surfaces